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Join the community effort to help Capital City C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative in its mission to end poverty and empower others to seek the change they need to live a more enriched life.

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What is a Champion for Change?

A Champion for Change is a graduate of the Getting Ahead Workgroup who works with their Community Allies to implement their plan for self-improvement with the ultimate goal of becoming financially self-sufficient.

The Champion for Change Commitment 

  1. Complete C.I.R.C.L.E.S. orientation.
  2. Complete 14 week Getting Ahead curriculum focused on self-sufficiency.
  3. Commit to be part of the C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative for 18 months following graduation.
  4. Attend weekly dinner meetings with other Champions and Allies
  5. Identify ways to contribute to the C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative to reciprocate for support received.
  6. Meet monthly with matched Allies to work on goals.
  7. Make measurable progress on achieving goals.
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Champion for Change - 3 Primary Goals

  1. Create life changes that lead to permanent self-sufficiency for her/his family.
  2. Develop unique gifts and leadership skills to lead the C.I.R.C.L.E., contribute to the C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative and give back to the community.
  3. Use the experience of poverty and family leadership role to work within the community to change the systems and break down the barriers that keep poverty in place.
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Support the Champion for Change Receives

  1. Orientation and enrollment in a 14 week “Getting Ahead" workgroup.
  2. Caring allies as partners on the journey toward self-sufficiency.
  3. Weekly meetings in which meals and childcare are provided.
  4. Staff available to answer questions, provide support and assist with problem resolution.
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What Champions Should Expect from their Allies

  1. Remember that Allies may not have any experience with poverty and may make mistakes.
  2. Remember that the Allies in your C.I.R.C.L.E. are your friends, not social workers. Don't expect them to "fix" your situation.
  3. When you have strong feelings about Allies, be willing to look at how your own fears or rules of class are influencing you and talk to someone about it. 
"If people stand in a circle long enough, they'll eventually begin to dance." - George Carlin

Become an Ally

Join the C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative as a Trained Volunteer

A C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Ally can be anyone with any level of resources who genuinely wants to help and believes everyone has the right to earn the resources and relationships that will enable them to thrive. As an Ally, you will befriend someone who is highly motivated to bring their family out of poverty. You, in turn, will offer whatever support and resources you can to support that effort.

What Allies Do

1.Intentionally befriend a working poor family.
2.Assist Champions as they execute their plan to lift their family out of poverty.
Do anything a good friend would do to help a friend in need. Provide emotional support. Help solve day-to-day problems. Advocate on behalf of your friend as needed. Share your skills and know-how. Introduce your friend to contacts that you know that can help them.
4.Attend a group meeting with other Champions and Allies at least once a month.

What Allies Do Not

1.Behave like parents or bosses. These roles are the exclusive domain of the Champions.
2.Give or lend money to your Champion. The C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative has a revolving loan fund that Champions can access for critical short term cash needs.


The Capital City C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative is a cooperative community effort to elevate people out of poverty by empowering them to chart their own course toward self-sufficiency. Although the Capital City C.I.R.C.L.E.S. Initiative partners with other public and private social service organizations, its holistic approach to ending poverty by making a long term investment in the people it helps is unique and unduplicated.

Although some government support is received, as a private, nonprofit corporation, CCCI raises the majority of the funding needed to cover program-related expenses from private businesses, foundations and individual donors. It costs approximately $600.00 to support a Champion through the 14-week "Getting Ahead" training program.

Funding Priorities

Our current funding priorities are:

  1. Sponsoring families through the Getting Ahead Workgroup to lay the foundation for  economic independence and surrounding them with a circle of support throughout their journey.
  2. Funding outreach on poverty related issues, educating the community on bridging the gap between the social classes.
  3. Implementing a more varied and robust childcare program.
  4. Expanding our effort to provide Champions with reliable transportation - a necessity for job procurement and retention.

On-going Donations

One-time Donations

Sponsor a Child Enrichment Program - $50
Sponsor a Meal - $125
Sponsor an Individual - $500
Sponsor a Family - $1200
Sponsor the Wheels to Work Program

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